Classical flavours

Traditional dishes made from fresh, local products.

À la carte

Monday – Saturday 5 pm – 10 pm (kitchen closes 9 pm)

Sunday 5 pm – 9 pm (kitchen closes 8 pm)

During holidays or larger events, the opening hours can change.

Since we opened in the 1930s, we have focused on serving quality-rich food made in a classic version. Our philosophy is that the food we serve should match the beautiful view of Lake Vättern that we are surrounded by.

Welcome to enjoy a good dining experience!

À la carte


White asparagus

SEK 135 with trout roe – SEK 115 with seaweed pearls

The white gold of the earth! The white asparagus is finally here and we let it join the company of emulsion on browned butter and crispy fried potatoes. The last choice is up to you, fiery yellow pearls of trout roe or a completely vegetarian dish with seaweed pearls that get acid from lemon.

Domaine Des Grandes Sancerre 139 SEK/695 SEK

Lobster soup – 155 SEK

The plate contains scallops, smooth cream cheese and a crunchy flan of Brostorp’s cheese. At the table, we then pour the soup that we have cooked from our own stock on heavily roasted lobster shells and root vegetables which have then been flavored with cream, butter and cognac.

Martín Códax Albariño 119 SEK/489 SEK

Raw beef – 145 SEK

Hand-chopped beef fillet from Dalsjöfors with a lovely crunch from fried artichokes and acid from pickled red onion, all together with spring’s best flavoring agent – ramson in the form of an emulsion!

Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay 110 SEK/425 SEK


Char – 285 SEK

Golden Otter’s constant companion, the char! Classically prepared with creamy sandefjord sauce, large pearls of trout roe and chives. For this, we serve two of the spring’s most anticipated primroses, green asparagus and small potatoes.

Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay 110 SEK/425 SEK

Lamb roast beef – 265 SEK

Spring’s finest little steak that we marinated in lovely fresh herbs and garlic. We serve it with a fried potato croquette flavored with Borstorp’s cheese, truffled red wine sauce and bunch greens from Ravelsmarks Gård.

Gheppio Langhe Nebbiolo 135 SEK/610 SEK

Sirloin steak – 295 SEK

Swedish tenderloin steak with ramson butter, this is served with a sky sauce with port wine, confit small potatoes and butter-fried haricot verts and semi-dried tomato.

Gheppio Barolo 150 SEK/735 SEK

Grilled cheese – 255 SEK

Björkenäs Mathantverk makes the award-winning cheese from milk from Slättna Gård in Eksjö. We fry it in butter until golden and serve with spring’s best primroses and arugula mayonnaise. The dish gets acidity from pickled red onions and crispiness from salt-roasted seeds.

Gheppio Roero Arneis 125 SEK/595 SEK


Rhubarb pie – 125 SEK

The idea is a rhubarb pie where each part has been carefully prepared separately and then come together on the plate to give a taste and feeling of spring. Rhubarb cooked in vanilla with white chocolate cremeaux and crunchy crumbs together with ice cream from Grenna Ice Cream.

Moscatell 72 SEK/6cl

Lemon panna cotta – 125 SEK

In citrus times, we want to dedicate an entire dessert to the fantastic lemon. You will get to experience it in different guises – panna cotta, jelly and curd. Buttery shortbread and roasted white chocolate can stand for crispness together with small fine meringues.

Tokaji Late Harvest 72 SEK/6 cl

Crème Brûlée – 95 SEK

The classic that we never get tired of! Made with the finest bourbon vanilla and burnt to a crisp with cassonade sugar.

Calvet Sauternes Réserve du Ciron 72 SEK/6 cl

Coffee sweets – 65 SEK

Just something small? Creamy dark truffle with sea salt and locally produced honey and chewy caramel with rhubarb notes.

Vistakulle Apel 128 SEK/4 cl

Cheese – 115 SEK

Brostorps Gårdsmejeri makes Denise cheese, which we make a marmalade with figs, port wine and bay leaves. To this a cracker with poppy seeds.

Domaine Des Grandes Sancerre 139 SEK/695 SEK

Jula Classics

Big blank burger – 225 SEK

of beef from Ravelsmarks Gård. Served with Sichuan pepper mayonnaise, caramelized red onion and Svecia from Falbygden’s cheese.

For this fries and chili mayonnaise.

Shrimp sandwich – 205 SEK

with hand-peeled prawns on our own sour milk bread. Served with salad and mayonnaise.

Caesar Salad – 215 SEK

with chicken fillet, romaine lettuce, bacon, dressing and parmesan. Topped with crispy croutons.

Chicken pasta – 195 SEK

Tagliatelle with cold cut chicken, spicy béchamel, spring onion pesto and green onions.


with Visingsö Mustard, home pickled beets from Ravelsmarks Gård and parsley stewed potatoes.

Children’s menu

Pancakes – 85 SEK

with jam from Ravelmarks Gård and whipped cream.

Meatballs – 110 SEK

with cream sauce and boiled potatoes, served with lingonberry jam.

Pasta Bolognese – 110 SEK

Hamburger – 125 SEK

from Ravelsmarks Gård with cheese and mayonnaise, served with fries.

Our fantastic children’s menu, where every meal is created with passion and care from the best Swedish ingredients. We always strive to use locally produced ingredients as much as possible, which provides a taste experience that is not only full-bodied and nutritious, but also supports our local farmers and producers. Give your child the joy of tasting authentic Swedish cooking with our homemade children’s menu, full of traditional taste and quality.

Something to drink

Welcome to try our self-produced beers or choose from some of our local hand-picked drinks. Our service staff for the evening will be happy to help you!