From a road side inn to a fine-dining castle

How it began

The year is 1930. The Swedish Parliament decides on free traffic on the roads and car tourism is becoming a concept. This doesn’t go unnoticed around Gränna, as many travelers on National road number 1 stop and rest at the breathtaking view of Vättern. Many choose Gyllenesvaan’s property at Ravelsmark. They’ve noticed the breathtaking views and Cavalry Captain Gyllensvaan begins the plans for Sweden’s first motel and roadside inn.

Opened in 1933

The original idea was a gas station and kiosk, but with the growing number of car tourists, the family soon realized that demand required both coffee and dining. The house was built as a copy of Bollnästugan on Skansen and was supplemented with five small cottages on the terrain for overnight guests. On Midsummer Eve in 1933, Gyllene Uttern was inaugurated, but already the following year it was time to expand with dining halls and rooms in a “solid and decent main building”.

A castle was built

Eventually there was a rustic castle-building, inspired by Visingsborg castle ruin, Brahehus and the family’s own castle Västanå, a few kilometers south of Gränna. The staircase gables have their model at the pharmacy house in Visby, and the wedding chapel was built with the castle chapel at Läckö as inspiration. It soon became clear that the wedding chapel was a successful move, as it became one of Sweden’s most popular. During the 50s and 60s, it happened that as many as 17 couples were wed here during one and the same day!

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